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We’re the brains behind all of your favorite editing tools here. But most of our time is spent working as a global post-production company. We are a one-stop shop for all of your post-production needs.


What we do

We are a multifacet post-production pipeline enshrined with a holistic approach, permeated by creators and artists of all kinds. Hence we are imbued with powers of films and commercials, sound design, music videos, motion graphics, and yes we can fix it in the post.


Fuel your vision with a bold expression.

Here’s a reflection of what we stand for and the bigger meaning we strive for.

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Unleash the legion of artists beyond borders, for your next project.

A global fleet of apex artists operating all over the world, specifically chosen for specific jobs. Giving us a highly versatile, sophisticated, and yet flexible approach to tackling complex creative tasks.

Still Profile: Arri LOG

Film Emulation, Negative Vision 3, 500T, Print, 2383.

Still Profile: BMPCC 4K

Film Emulation, Negative Vision 3, 250D, Print, 2383.

Meet The team

Jaideep Panjwani


Hi, I am Jaideep, founder and creative head of Filmblade. With years of experience in commercial Post-production – overseeing DI, edit and sound, I’m here to push current creative boundaries in India with my extensive network of filmmakers worldwide.

Devanshu Khandelwal

Visual Effects & Edit Supervisor

Devanshu steers the post-production process with a remarkable proficiency. He’s been supervising projects for over 5 years for a myriad range of clients, he knows how to bend the timeline in your favor.

Jesús Pérez

Sound Designer
& Audio Engineer.

With over 10 years of experience in sound design and audio engineering in the film and music industry, Jesús renders his mastery in abstract sounds at Filmblade. Blend it with storytelling, and you can get the most complex emotions in unique masterful ways. 

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Every frame makes a difference in bringing out the best in your project. Lead the competition with us. What’s stopping you?

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Hidden between the frames of reels are the stories that give meaning to life.  Filmblade exists to discover that meaning by making every frame count.


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