16MM 4K Film Overlays + Textures

  • Total file size 8.7 GB
  • 4K Resolution
  • Instant download + Download links via email
  • 16MM Film Color Presets and 16MM Film SFX included
  • Segmented overlays for precise control
  • Beginner to professional creators
  • Apple Pro-Res 4:2:2 10 second Loops
  • 23.86 Frame Rate




What's Different about these?

There’s an urgent need to grow out of those cast-off files being sold as products. The new trend mandates more control over the individual layer.

After extensively going through each component of the reels, we came up with 4K HQ Apple ProRes composite scans taken straight out of 16mm reels giving the editor more control over each aspect of textures and grains.

Stitch your film and bind it all together in a single mesh with these high-quality textures. Emulate the original reel color cast by using our custom made LUTs specifically designed to be applied over textures and grains.


  1. 4K Coarse Grain
  2. 4K Fine Grain
  3. 4K Medium Grain
  4. 4K Vertical Alphabets Texture 01
  5. 4K Vertical Alphabets Texture 02
  6. 4K White Static Texture 01
  7. 4K White Static Texture 02
  8. 4K Blue Overscan Noise Texture 01
  9. 4K Tramline Overlay Texture
  10. 4K 16MM Frame 01
  11. 4K 16MM Frame 02
  12. 4K 16MM Sprockets 01
  13. 4K 16MM Sprockets 02
  14. 4K 16MM Filmburn Transition 01
  15. 4K 16MM Filmburn Transition 02
  16. 4K 16MM Filmurn Transition 03
  17. 4K 16MMFilmburn Transition 04
  18. HQ FILM SFX (Sound) .wav Files X10
  19. Kodak Ektachrome Recreational LUTs X3
  20. Kodak Kodachrome Recreational LUTs X2

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