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Replacing Sky In Davinci Resolve in Minutes

A clear blue sky, despite being beautiful, can sometimes be very monotonous for your theme. So today we’re going to learn how to do a sky replacement in DaVinci Resolve.

How PROs Composite film-grain in Davinci

The signature look of any film reel is its dynamic range and grains. Now we can imitate the same on digitally shot videos. While the dynamic range depends on the camera being used, film grains on the other hand can be added in post.

The Actual Way to Glitch in Premiere Pro

The glitch effects have made their way into the glamour of music videos and abstract editing. Today, it’s no longer a fault or an error but an aesthetic and has become an art genre of its own.

Advance Film grain compositing technique in Premiere Pro

Film Grains are the new black, the ongoing trend among filmmakers and video editors. Once considered a by-product, but now only when the digital cameras are giving ultra clean videos, we all realized we are missing an important part of filmmaking.