Pulsar Modern Cinematic SFX Library

  • 450+ Original Compositions and Sounds
  • Made for Films
  • Professionally Equalized for Voice and Mix
  • Total file size 4.0 GB
  • High Quality WAV format
  • Compatible with all Editing Platforms
  • Royalty Free License Included
  • Instant download + Download links via email


What's Different about these?

Create Epic Commercials with Pulsar SFX Library.

The role sound plays in any film can’t be overstated. It goes without saying how much of a viewing experience depends on it. The amount of effort put into creating a perfect soundtrack for a perfect scene is unparalleled, because cinematic videos alone are severely deficient without the right sound.

The Pulsar SFX bundle is the secret chord which adds goosebumps to your film. Meticulously composed to meet the demands of today’s music trends and industry standards. The library covers all your primary requirements to Intrigue, Influence and Inspire your audience.


  1. Atomosphere x 103
  2. Baselines x 14
  3. Bonus Sounds x 29
  4. Drones x 22
  5. Hits x 60
  6. Percussions x 27
  7. Pulsating Textures x 105
  8. Risers x 16
  9. Scores x 17
  10. Swooshes x 39
  11. Abstract x 20
  12. License Doc
  13. Royalty Free Sample Track x 1

All you'll ever need for an impeccable sound design

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