The Actual Way to Glitch in Premiere Pro

The glitch effects have made their way into the glamour of music videos and abstract editing. Today, it’s no longer a fault or an error but an aesthetic and has become an art genre of its own.

Epidemic of cheap Video Overlays

As far as video editing is concerned, there are many lazy glitch overlays being flooded into the market. But they are not true glitches, but just some basic overlays.

The most common way to add actual glitches in your edit is to introduce appropriate distortions over your video, which is typically done using some sort of displacement map.
But unlike After Effects, Premiere Pro isn’t equipped with a displacement map effect.
So today we will learn a workaround solution to achieve something similar without needing to switch to After Effects.


  1. We will duplicate our footages and place it on top.
  2. We will then nest the duplicated footages in a single comp, and apply the track matte key onto this nested comp.
  3. Go inside this nested comp and displace and resize the individual footages randomly.
  4. Add VHS overlays on the layer above, on top of nested comp, and apply the Brightness & Contrast effect on it. Tweak the brightness and contrast as required.
  5. Set the track matte key on the nested comp such that it uses VHS overlays as a matte and leeches its luma values onto itself.
  6. And Boom! You are done! Just like that

Words can be confusing, so you can just follow this link to the tutorial anyways.

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Some unintentional digital faults in videos have led to the emergence of a new genre of graphics. Although this form of distorted art seems to be evolving without guidelines, it’s important to understand that its not completely random and that it works only when you make it work.

Which is why we provide premium Retro VHS Textures and presets so that you can craft your own nostalgic charm of old analog tape-recorded videos to suit your requirement.

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