Top Film Making blogs to take inspiration from in 2021

Need some #filmspiration? Here are the top ten film-making blogs to push your filmmaking journey in 2021

No film School has a frequency upload of about 6 posts per day. It gives you the opportunity to find out about the degree of the film-making world without paying a precarious schooling cost. They offer interviews with film-making industry professionals, instructional exercises, gear proposals, and short film-making to help new film-makers become knowledgeable in the aspect of film-making.

Premium Beat has a frequency upload of about 2 posts per day. Apart from assessing high-quality, free music that can be added to your movies, they offer blog content and tutorial videos to know more about cinematography.

Indie Film Hustle has a frequency upload of 1 post per day. The content of the blog posts emphasizes on learning the solid secrets of the indie film-making industry. They give full details on the fundamentals and also trick on how to manipulate your indie film-making. 

Y.M. Cinema Magazine has a frequency upload of 1 post per day. The content of each blog post is to give full and informative details of the knowledge of film-making which includes the art of filming-making, cinematography, and also a piece of advice for new film-makers.

Filmmaker IQ has a frequency upload of 1 post per month. This site provides a piece of well-detailed information in the collection of articles, videos, and professional blog posts. It is a great site to learn how to write scripts, techniques, latest technology advances, and script advice.

IndieWire has a frequency upload of 19 posts per day. This site covers a lot on indie-related film news, script advice, reviews, and lots more, with the objective of being the top news site for Indie film-makers.

Filmmaker Magazine has a frequency upload of 4 posts per day. This site gives full details about the content creation and film-making industry. They stay up with the latest ever-changing nature of film-making and offer new stories, direct links, articles, and assets for producers to use at their prudence.

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